We are Authorized Distributors for IBM Security Software


We are Authorized Dealers for IBM Security Software


A security product for the IBM i that enables client/server security on your system and gives you control over client access to your system.



iFileAudit – a security and file audit product for the IBM i platform. Track data changes and updates to files on your system, on a user-by-user, file-by-file and field-by-field basis.


End-User password reset tool – lets your users reset their own passwords from a secure browser connection.


A two factor authentication tool for the IBM i platform, including 5250 signon protection.


Aunique workstation security software tool that takes control of inactive workstations during idle time, protecting sensitive information and restricting transaction input only to the user logged on to that device.

Lets you send your spool file reports as E-mail or fax to any valid destination. Also lets you deploy reports on your Intranet or Internet Website. Supports conversion of spool file reports to TEXT, HTML, RTF, XLS, CSV, TIF and PDF formats. Supports AFPDS overlays, IPDS graphics and DBCS spool files when converting to PDF format.


iEventMonitor – A very affordable system event monitoring tool that enables message queue monitoring and more. Alerts can be sent as email, text or local break messages.


SNDTWEET – Enables Short Message Service (SMS) through the Twitter service at a very affordable cost. Lets your applications and users send update notices to registered Twitter groups.


BlueSeries – A turnkey integrated fax/E-mail solution for the IBM i. Allows users, including attached PC clients, to send faxes or E-mail directly from their terminal session or PC. Easy to set up and use. No special hardware required. Uses your IBM ECS modem for faxes.