Deister Cabinet store in an orderly manner and manage keys, weapon.


Locker / Cabinet Security for Keys, Weapon, Laptop, Tablets and more.


Keys are secured by locks and RFID tags. Access to keys with PIN code and/or card. Use your intelligent key cabinets as standalone ones or let them communicate with each other in local network. All cabinets have embedded computer with Ethernet network interfaces. Administer your cabinets from anywhere using a web-browser. The key management system or key locker is suitable for tracking the key movements, managing and logging keys of vehicles, offices, banks, government institutions, hotels, hospitals, etc. The key management system can be standard or customized if required.In case of a customized system when required intelligent storage boxes could be added for your valuables along with the key modules. The modular design of the key cabinet panels and storage boxes allows for a custom built and variable system. The key locker and intelligent storage box system logs and tracks every key movement (key pickup, key return, door opening/closing). With the key locker system you can give permissions to users, manage bookings, key pickups and choose from several other customizable options. The key storage cabinets can be integrated into companies’ ERP and access control systems. Emergency & security The key modules are also equipped with an emergency button. You can pick up your keys in emergency situation by pressing this button, but it works only if you have turned your extra safe emergency key on. Access to the Computer module is also protected by an additional key. In emergency situation external systems (like fire alarm) can give a signal to the cabinet through its inbound ports. In the event of electricity outage the internal backup battery will give service. In our products we use the most advanced micro-electronic devices, equipment and developments which are high-reliability and high-tech equipment, key control systems; we are delivering them to our customers. Robust Cabinets are made from steel with powder coat finish.


100% maintenance free
Keyrings (keyTags) placed on the keys work without contact thanks to RFID technology, which does not allow wear when the key is inserted into the slot.

Our software is web based and allows the administration of all sites. Systems in different locations can be controlled easily and centrally.


Are you optimally using your resources? Sometimes you lose control of who has used what device and when and, above all, when and in what state it was returned to your site. proxSafe allows you to control it: It guarantees a safe and controlled way to store equipment, devices and valuables at all times. Both withdrawals and returns are registered automatically and access is guaranteed only to authorized persons. The user accesses the cabinets by PIN, user card or fingerprint. Commander Connect software allows you to obtain access rights, define temporary profiles and generate individual reports with few mouse clicks.

All products are “Made in Germany” and are designed, produced and tested according to the highest performance and quality requirements.


keyTag – maintenance free use and anywhere
In each key a so-called keyTag keychain is placed in which information about the key is stored. An RFID chip has been integrated in the keyTag which transfers the key data when the key is inserted into the key cabinet.
Emergency operation
In case of power failure or mains failure, all cabinets can continue to operate. The data is stored locally and an internal battery for emergencies ensures operation.
Future guarantee
All mounted modules can be exchanged and have full retroactive compatibility. If the requirements change, the system can be adapted accordingly.
Varied features and modules for various applications. Accesses are documented automatically and can be issued as a freely adaptable report.