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Detects threats at the DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers, before they reach your device, and prevents data leakage and compromise. With a unique, proactive approach to security, DarkLayer Guard™blocks all incoming and outgoing communications to malicious servers, preventing APTs and other threats.


While antivirus is a reactive solution that scans code to stop threats, our VectorN Detection™ will autonomously detect and prevent infections.

Through VectorN Detection™, hidden malware in your system will be immediately detected and blocked before it can compromise your data.


Rely on next-gen
Antivirus protection
For security that can handle next-gen attacks, rely on next-gen Antivirus with local signature and cloud scanning, sandboxing and process modification behavioural detection.


Local Signature-based Scanning
Thor Vigilance Home uses signature code scanning for all your local files to detect and stop potential viruses, APTs, exploits, data leakage, ransomware and other advanced online threats. This first layer of protection is essential for enjoying online security.


Real-Time Cloud Scanning
All files unknown to the local database are sent to our secure cloud system for real-time scanning. Using advanced Machine Learning, potential threats are detected and stopped from infecting your computer.


Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection
Suspicious files and other potential threats are isolated in our sandboxing system, where we check to see if they act as malware. We also check to see if the suspicious file tries to access servers using a backdoor method, in order to stop any malicious communication.


Heuristic and Behavior-based Scanning
When files start running, Thor Vigilance Home continues to monitor all processes on your computer using Heuristic, Behavior-based analysis. This way, it searches for suspicious behavior to detect code changes at all levels, stopping attacks from modifying your data.


Thor Vigilance Home ensures the Windows Firewall on your PC is turned on, so that your network and data remain safe from the most persistent and advanced online threats. If the Windows Firewall is turned off, Thor Vigilance Home will activate it.


Unique Threat Prevention of the Most Advanced Ransomware Viruses, Spyware and APTs    ✔        ✔
Unique Traffic-based Malware Detection and Blocking BEFORE it reaches your PC    ✔        ✔
Multi-layered, AI powered protection    ✔        ✔
Secures your web-browsing    ✔        ✔    ✔    ✔
Secures your online banking and payments    ✔        ✔
Phishing protection    ✔        ✔
Stops cybercriminals from extracting personal data    ✔        ✔
Blocks Data Leakage    ✔        ✔
Automatically updates your apps to close security holes in your PC    ✔        ✔
Installs your favorite software securely and conveniently    ✔        ✔
Firewall integration        ✔    ✔        ✔
Next-gen Antivirus        ✔    ✔
* Local Signature / File-based Scanning        ✔    ✔    ✔
* Real-time Cloud Scanning        ✔    ✔
* Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection        ✔    ✔
* Heuristic / Behavior-based Scanning        ✔    ✔    ✔
Lightweight Installation and Smooth Performance    ✔    ✔    ✔
Very Easy to Use    ✔    ✔    ✔
24/7 World Class Support    ✔    ✔    ✔
30-day Money Back Guarantee


Versions Home:

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– Thor Foresight Home (Quote here)


Versions for Business:

– Thor Vigilance Enterprise (Quote here)

– Thor Foresight Enterprise (Quote here)

– Thor AdminPrivivilege Enterprise (Quote here)

– Thor MailSentry Fraud Prevention (Quote here)